Divorce Planning Checklist: What You Need To Know Now

Planning for a divorce is among the most crucial decisions of life. Your abilities to navigate through the complex divorce procedures depend on producing the supporting documents on time. While dealing with alimony, child custody, or division of assets after legal separation few things of your divorce planning can favor you while representing yourself in the courtrooms. Today we will provide you some non-legal advice to remain confident while going through the divorce proceedings. To help you judge the importance of planning a divorce checklist, we will divide the whole phase of divorce into three stages. So let’s jump into the significant planning for divorce checklist mentioned below:-

Checklist to consider before filing the divorce

  • Hire a divorce lawyer – One of the primary things you need to do while formulating divorce plans is to hire a competent divorce lawyer to represent your case. Check for the most trustworthy and reputed lawyers in your area and hire their services to provide support and legal advice during the divorce process.
  • Save and allocate appropriate funds – Before you decide on a divorce, let us remind you that it is an expensive affair. You have to arrange money for paying fees to an attorney and other concerned offices. It is also possible that you may be unable to utilize the disputed finds and assets till the settlement so, keeping a reserve will help you.
  • Check and review the estate planning – A legal separation is a life-changing event. Consider revising the estate planning documents to modify the beneficiaries under your real estate plans. It also includes changing power or attorneys and beneficiary under your bank accounts.
  • Gather personal and financial information – If you want things to remain in your favor, you should collect the financial and personal information about your spouse. Keep personal/financial information handy. It helps you to support the arguments during the address of child support, child custody, and spousal support.
  • Get a new PO box – Make sure to open a separate PO box to get all vital communications without the risk of missing them. You have to deal with crucial documents and communication from related offices while going through the divorce process so, having a separate PO box will be a wise idea.
  • Change passwords of personal accounts – Changing the passwords of bank accounts and other vital platforms. It is wise because your spouse may know them already, which can put your privacy in danger.
  • Decide about the future of your child – If you are planning for a divorce and have children, it is crucial to decide about custody. If you want to live with your kids, then you should prepare things accordingly. 

Things to include in the checklist during and after completion of a divorce

Things to include in the checklist during

There are some divorce planning checklists that you need during the execution and after completing the divorce process. Have a look at them below and ensure to include them in your divorce plans:-

  • Consulting a tax advisor and counselor – You can choose to hire the services of a counselor or family therapist to overcome the psychological pressure of divorce plans. We also recommend consulting a tax advisor to know the impact of divorce on your tax return and financial planning.
  • Reviewing the beneficiaries in your bank accounts and insurance – There is a significant change in your family structure after completing the divorce. You must ensure appropriate reviews to remove your spouse from the list of beneficiaries in your bank accounts and insurance policies.
  • Communicating the divorce status to concerned parties – There are parties such as banks, creditors, and insurance companies who need to be informed about the change of your family structure. Make sure to communicate your marital status and information about your ex-spouse after completing the divorce process. 

Avoid complications by choosing to make divorce planning checklists.

It is a widely accepted truth going through divorce procedures is stressful and complicated for an average human being. By ensuring the right divorce plans and checklists, you can prepare for a better future as an individual. Planning for a divorce checklist helps for decisions for assets and children after completion of the divorce process.

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